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K. Shankar Pillai, the renowned cartoonist, began a competition called the Shankar’s International Children’s Competition, in 1949. To publish the spillover from the prizewinning entries, he began a magazine in English called ‘Children’s World’, in January 1968. It began as a weekly and was a forum for writings by children and budding as well as established writers.
The magazine, a monthly since March 1972, publishes stories features, comics, puzzles, poems, quizzes, activities, book reviews, and articles of topical interest.
There are two special issues of the magazine every year, in April and November. The contributions in the November issue are exclusively by children, invited through a yearly competition called the “Your Pages Competition” the last date for which is July 31.

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Unit Colour Casual 6 insertions 12 insertions
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Full page 4 colour 6000 5500each 5000each
Full page B/White 3000 2500each 2000each
Half page B/White 1800 1500each 1200each
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Print area 18 x 23 cms
Positives preferred for colour insertions.