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the king and the monk

Shrewd and ambitious, the Bactrian king craves for more-more battles...more spilling of blood... But “Power makes a man arrogant...” says the Buddhist monk. Caught in a dilemma Menander gets impatient. Something about the noble soul arrests his attention.Years later they meet again, the king in battle dress, the monk in saffron robes and they walk together...among the dead, the dying and the wounded.“Alas!” says the monk, “they died only to satisfy an ambition...your ambition...”In the distance Menander can hear the chanting of Buddhist hymns...Would these impact his future?
  • Author:A.K. Ghosh
  • Illustrations:Subir Roy
  • No of Pages:56
  • Colour:Four-colour
  • Category:Fiction
  • ISBN:81-7011-129-3