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jaya-story of the mahabharata

The original name of the 5000-year-old Indian epic Mahabharata is Jaya which means victory; it is the story of the victory of the Pandava princes over the Kaurava princes. The Mahabharata is an encyclopaedia of ethics, knowledge, politics, religion, philosophy and dharma. It has both the contraries of courage and cowardice, truth and untruth, love and hate, honesty and deceit, wisdom and foolishness, likes and dislikes. In fact, Mahabharata is known as the 5th Veda, because Vyasa adds to what is stated in Vedas including all the things present in today’s society-good and bad. It is said that whatever cannot be found in the Mahabharata cannot be found in Bharat (India) itself
  • Author:Dipavali Sen
  • Illustrations:Neeta Gangopadhya
  • No of Pages:280
  • Colour:Four-colour
  • Category:Ancient stories
  • ISBN:978-93-80076-86-7