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cyberdude and the mystery of the perfect clomans

Beta Orionis, the beautiful dwarf planet with an orange sky and 208 seas, is in gloom. Its inhaitants, the immortal and perfect species called Clomans, are dying in large numbers, much to the dismay of their creator, Albi Gera. Does the disappearance of Yaku Deesar have something to do with it? Eba and Jeb, two Clomans, are sent to Earth to take the 14-year-old Samir aka Cyberdude’s help to debug the genetic code from which the Clomans have been developed. Will Samir be able to solve the mystery of the dying Clomans?
  • Author:Kalpita C. Sarkar
  • Illustrations:Subir Roy
  • No of Pages:96
  • Colour:Single-colour
  • Category:Fiction
  • ISBN:978-93-80076-72-0