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secret of the stick-men scrawls

A chance discovery of a few dancing stick-men figures on a rock and a crate full of grenades embedded in the sea during an excursion, unfold an unforgettable adventure for 14-year-old Megala and her 10-year-old friend, Dhiraj. The story is set in Lakshadweep, but does the fact that the western coastline of Africa lying parallel to Lakshadweep Islands have something to do with these figures? Is there someone on the island using the sea to send secret codes and to transport stuff? What is the mystery behind the crate of potatoes? A racy fiction
  • Author:Karthika Lakshmi. M
  • Illustrations:Subir Roy
  • No of Pages:168
  • Colour:Single-colour
  • Category:Fiction
  • ISBN:978-93-80076-94-2